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Bahasa Malaysia Service, Full Gospel Church, 06010 Changloon, Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia

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Free riding - by Rita Mering

The Internet cafe seems to be a better place to keep me dry from the heavy downpour outside.How I hate raining particularly on Sunday. I just came back from Pandan Indah, taking the advantage of a free riding in the new launching Putra-LRT from Masjid Jamek to the front door of my flat. I add to the statistic of millions of KLites riding on this bullet train.I take delight in using it everyday to shuttle to and fro to my office at Menara Lion which takes only 15-20 minutes, compares to one1/2 hour by buses. But by this Thursday, I've to give up this bad habit of free-riding as the free-promotion will cease. And I believe everyone else will do the same. After all many passengers will choose the bus rather than the superspeedy Putra for cost-saving reason.

To think of this free-riding scenario, isn't it odd that many passengers refuse to take the the train of salvation offers by the Lord Jesus Christ - I mean for FREE. That's really weird as our human natures quick to respond to something free or on discounts. Frankly speaking, I like people to "belanja" me for meals or movies,( belanja ikhlas). And think about the feast we all going to have in our Heavenly Father's table, which comes along with the free salvation coupon. A table of pure honey and low fat milk - dioxin-free. And the happy faces of our loved ones, singing (as in the karaoke?) and dancing. It's a black and white contrast to those Putra-LRT free-riders - imagine them singing and dancing in there.

Why we need this free salvation tru Jesus Christ? Because we will never get save by our own efforts or by any other deities, even in million years.Because Jesus is the only way to go to the Father. He has paid the price, with His own life, His own blood. He died for our sins, thus spares our life. Come to Him today, accept the salvation given freely to all - as it is still call "today", because for some there will never be tomorrow.

See you at the last Terminal.


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